My strength is in contextualising information in a way that people can use in the development of their people and their business.

Paul Bridle

Executive Coach

With my extensive experience, global perspective and ongoing research into successful organisations and the people that lead them, I bring an objective and external perspective to businesses clients.

Businesses use me as an:

Advisor – Providing an external perspective for an organisation in strategic planning, business development and dealing with issues relating to getting the best out of people. Issues relating to culture, people engagement and leadership/management are all areas I have experience and insights from the best.

Executive Coach – Challenging in a constructive and respectful way is one of my strengths. I act as a Confidant and Mentor helping business leaders think outside the confines of their daily interactions.

Speaker – Providing content rich and engaging Keynote speeches at conferences and corporate meetings. I take time to understand their issues and then bring a perspective that ensures people go away with practical ideas and skills to use in their businesses.


Whether you want to work with me, or simply want to have a conversation, just get in touch.